For kids

Children represent the group at the highest risk of being bit by a dog.  We believe that it is crucial to teach children how to properly interact with dogs in order to reduce the number of dogs bites.

For the animals

A properly trained dog translates into a happier dog and owner, which ultimately reduces the dog’s chances of being abandoned. One can even conclude that fewer dogs in shelters means a lower overall euthanasia rate. 

For owners

Companion animal owners are often discouraged by their pet unwanted behaviors .  Unfortunatly, in many cases, they do not have the financial means to consult an expert behaviorist. We offer solutions to lower income families in order to be well equipped to train their animal.

For everyone

Whether one have chosen to welcome a dog in his family or not, one will surely at some point encounter a dog.  Understanding canine body language allows us to determine what they are thinking and feeling.  If we are capable of detecting discomfort, fear or pain we are able to adjust our behavior in order to prevent an incident.