Our programs were developed with the goal of promoting a harmonious, responsible and safe environment between animals and humans

Our training methods are based on science and reflect our core values:  Respect for the welfare of the animal and human, compassion and empathy.  Therefore, we do not use any training methods that at any time will cause pain, fear, stress or intimidation towards the animal.

​We are pleased to team up with Simone Raffa from De Main De Maitre who has created our training and workshop content.  This demonstrates our pledge in quality regarding the level of trainers and their ethics.

Our clients

As a charible organization, La Ressource animale caters principally to people with limited income.  In certain cases it is possible that our workshops will be made available to people of a higher income as well.  Contact us to find out if you are eligible. 


Our fees are based on individual financial situations.  Contact-us to find out more.

Bite prevention program

We currently have 3 categories in our bite prevention program. The first category touches on dog owners.  The goal of this program is:

  • Inform dog owners of their legal responsibility in regards to the behavior of their dog and reinforce the importance of respecting the laws concerning animal welfare.

  • Communicate the importance of providing animals an environment adapted to their needs, a positivity based education and the opportunity to burn energy.

  • Renforce the importance of adopting preventative behaviors.

  • Learn to understand different canine emotions by observing their body language.  This helps in identifying what increases reactivity and could lead to aggressive behavior.

  • Teach what the potential danger signs are in canine body language and how to react accordingly.

  • Educate on how to prevent dog attacks and how to protect yourself in the event of an attack.

The second and third categories addresses elementary school aged children in the region of Montreal and to people who do not own dogs.  Clearly the dynamics of these workshops are different however the goals are the same:

  • Teach safe behavior to adopt in the presence of a dog (known or unknown)

  • Clear understanding that any dog has the potential to bite.

  • Teach what the potential danger signs are in canine body language and how to react accordingly.

  • Educate on how to prevent dog attacks and how to protect yourself in the event of an attack

Canine education program

Educating a dog goes far beyond teaching him to sit, lie down and come.  It entails teaching him to live in society:  introducing him to the world is going to live in, socializing, confidence building, overcoming fears, playing nicely, house training, avoiding destructive chewing/biting etc.  We must teach dogs these things in order to coexist in society will all things surrounding them. All this while maintaining their instinctual needs

Educating a dog also requires a level of training for the human.  Dogs do not think the same way as humans do, we can’t say; “he feels guilty” or “he knows he’s done something wrong”.

There is a language that is unique to them and it is extremely important to understand it, understand his code of conduct and what is “normal” for him. This will help tremendously in his training, will improve your relationship with your dog and avoid numerous frustrations.
Behavior consultation program

Inadequate training can bring along a host of undesirable behaviors:  Jumping up on people, excessive barking, reactivity towards other dogs, pulling on the leach and so on.  It can also take the form of an emotional behaviors such as fear, anxiety or aggressivity.

The best way to restore a harmonious and cohesive relationship between human and dog is to consult with a canine behaviorist.  A free telephone evaluation lasting 30 minutes will allow us to evaluate the issues.  This evaluation will be followed by one or multiple sessions with a trainer.